ISSUE 5  |  Out of South Africa

Commute Home in Toronto

February 05, 2012 2:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Is Toronto ground zero for innovative design? Our latest discovery is Commute Home, a shop/design studio founded by Sara Parisotto and Hamid Samad that sells custom furniture, casegoods, and filament bulb light fixtures and also creates raw, modern interiors for restaurants, shops, and residences.

Go to Commute Home to see the full line of offerings.

Above: Stick Chandelier.

Above: Headlight Chandelier.

Above: A Set of Six Chairs with custom-printed fabric.

Above: Plaster Antiqued Mirror.

Above L: Gilded Laurel Leaf Mirror. Above R: Plaster Cast Antiqued Mirror.

Above: Solid Walnut Sofa.

Above: Double Socketed Pendant Light.