ISSUE 13  |  Urban Living

Shopper’s Diary: Caravan in London

April 01, 2010 3:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Last summer, I stumbled across Caravan in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood on the way back from Terence Conran’s Albion Caff, which happens to be just around the corner (see Shopper’s Diary: Albion Caff in London). Owner Emily Chalmers is a veteran art director and stylist who has worked for a myriad of magazines and companies and has several books under her belt. Her repurposed boho-meets-vintage-English-tea-party aesthetic is on full display in her shop, where Jielde lamps, vintage tableware, and Deborah Bowness wallpaper all comfortably co-mingle. Of particular appeal are the large, ceramic bell Buffer Lamps with gold glazed interiors hanging in the window, available in store for £179; check out Caravan’s Online Store for other great finds.

N.B. US readers can buy the Buffer Lamp by Wieki Somers at Lekker Home for $350.

Above: Photos via Found, Now Home.

Above: Ceramic bell Buffer Lamp.

Above: Photographs of Chalmer’s work by Debi Treloar