Shopper's Diary: Canoe by

January 6, 2008

Shopper's Diary: Canoe

Issue · · January 6, 2008

We often source items from Canoe in Portland, OR, so I made a point of stopping in when I swung by the city recently. I was not disappointed. The store stocks a meticulously edited range of items, from Heath ceramics to Sugahara pebble vases, as well as new finds such as these Korbo handwoven steel baskets from Sweden. Traditionally used by fishermen and farmers, the beautifully utilitarian baskets will never rust. Soon to be appearing on the store's online shop (, however if you can't wait till then, order them by phone from the retail shop (503-889-8545) and have them shipped.

Below L: Bucket, 9.5 inches tall, $200. Below Center: Paperbin, 12.5 inches tall, $175. Below R: Large bin with handles, 16 inches tall, $275:

bucket_20.jpg laundry_80.jpg classic_80.jpg

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