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Shopper’s Diary: When Harriet Met Ozzie

June 19, 2013 3:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

On a recent trip to Chicago, I visited Andersonville, the city’s Swedish enclave on the North side that has become a design destination of sorts, anchored by the shops like Scout and Haymaker. On the list of stores I visited was Brimfield, owner Julie Fernstrom’s collection of vintage furniture and finds (Brimfield is named after Fernstrom’s favorite plaid).

The day I was there the store was decked out in a homage to 1950s summer living, Michigan style, with plenty of plaid blankets, vintage thermos, wooden water skis, a canoe, retro camp gear, and more. The goods are broken down into a series of vignettes, with pieces at every price point. Well worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood, if not, visit their online store, Brimfield.

Above: Assorted vintage tennis and squash rackets hang from the ceiling above two blue and white striped Parson”s chairs next to a wood and metal trimmed steamer trunk.

Above: A Thermos jug sits atop vintage Popular Mechanics magazines in front of an American flag painting.

Above: Red wicker chairs with Hudson Bay covered cushions and vintage pennant pillows.

Above: A wooden oar sits atop a vintage wooden work bench.

Above: A mix of water sports gear displayed on the wall.


Above: A vintage croquet set.

Above: Vintage plaid picnic ware.

Above: The store window filled with vintage hampers, thermoses, and other picnic gear.

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