ISSUE 24  |  Barn Rustic

Shopper’s Diary: Beekman 1802 Mercantile in Sharon Springs

June 14, 2010 4:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Located in Sharon Springs, New York, Beekman 1802 is an experiment in rural living undertaken by two Manhattanites—Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell—who have created a working organic farm on their 200-year-old estate. They produce a small line of specialty items—goat milk soaps, handwoven linens, and cheeses and jams. Go to Beekman 1802 for more information.

Above: Beekman 1802 Picnic Blanket, made from 100 percent cotton and measuring 5 by 4 feet; $75.

Above: Handwoven cotton/linen Beekman 1802 Huckaback Fingertip Towel; $25.

Above: Hand-forged and polished by a master blacksmith using an authentic 18th century spoon mold and the alloy Brittania, which was popular at the time that the Beekman Mansion was built, the Beekman 1802 Hand-Forged Brittania Fruit Spoon is $20.