ISSUE 27  |  Bold Accents

Shopper’s Diary: Anamar in San Francisco

July 09, 2009 7:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Inveterate traveler and San Francisco–based designer Ana Maria Delgado has added a storefront gallery called Anamar to her interior design business, Delgado Design. Sourcing products from her native Philippines and other far-flung corners of the world, Delgado mixes everyday craft pieces with more expensive antique finds and her own custom designs.

Above: White Porcelain Jar, price on request.

Above: Each design of the Banig Mat, woven by widowed B'laan women of Southern Mindanao using pandan and buri leaves, relates a dream story. $234 for the small (75 by 45 inches) and $267 for the medium size (80 by 65 inches).

Above: Braided Cogon sun-dried grass bowls; the 17-inch size is $51 and the 20-inch size is $64.

Above: Cogon Stools made from braided, sun-dried grass in the Philippines; various sizes are available with prices starting at $96 for an 8-by-14-inch stool.

Above: Abaca Rug, indigenous to the Philippines and called “manila hemp,” is the strongest of the natural fibers that come from the banana family. The fiber is inherently fire retardant, and only natural pigments are used to dye the rug; $19.75 per square foot.

Above: Antique earthenware pots on a slab of American walnut; prices available upon request.