ISSUE 52  |  The Glamorous Life

Shopper’s Diary: 3 x 10 in Seattle

December 26, 2008 9:08 PM

BY Julie Carlson

While perusing residential projects on the Suyama Peterson Deguchi site, I noticed that the Seattle-based architecture firm has opened a storefront at 2326 Second Avenue in Belltown. Here's what they say: "The shop's name refers to a timber size and reflects our preoccupation with using a better-proportioned version of a ubiquitous building material. This same sensibility, as well as our love of elemental materials and designs, runs through our architectural work. Driven by the limited choices among the current offerings of furniture and fixture manufacturers, we provide alternative products designed by architects and crafted by local artisans. This includes everything from high-quality concrete sinks and pavers to steel lamps and tables. Our emphasis is on handmade objects and one-of-a-kind finds gathered during extensive travel throughout Europe and Asia." Contact Suyama Peterson Deguchi for prices and ordering information.