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August 28, 2007

Slow Design: Shaker Storage

Issue · · August 28, 2007

Mud rooms, shelving systems for garages, walk-in closets. What about a return to simplicity for our storage needs? Imagine a gardening shed with a peg rack for rakes and other tools, dressing rooms with hooks and simple boxes for small items. Do we really need so many bins and cupboards? Go to to get your Shaker interiors fix.


1. Shaker Storage boxes, $29 to $68 at Shaker Style: 2. Handle Carrier, $46 to $76 at

ovalbox2.jpg 1 large1.jpg 2

Shaker peg rail in 2-, 3-, or 4-foot lengths, $25 to $46 at Shaker Style:


Shaker pencil box, $46 at Brent Rourke's Shaker Box Store,


Shaker divided bureau tray, $36 at


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