Scandinavian-Inspired Textiles by Way of Vermont by

Issue 50 · Saint Lucia · December 13, 2012

Scandinavian-Inspired Textiles by Way of Vermont

Issue 50 · Saint Lucia · December 13, 2012

Hailing from the "tippiest and nippiest" corner of Vermont, a textile designer creates goods that bring a little bit of Scandi-inspired sunshine to the home.

When Valerie Ormiston was small, she learned to appreciate the little things in life. In between catching fireflies and minnows and other childhood adventures, she would listen to tales of how, when her own mother was a child, her Finnish grandmother called her "Pikku Maiju"—"Little Marie." In honor of that heritage and of her mother, the designer decided to call her company Pikku.

lopp-di-loop pillow by Pikku

Above: Pikku's Loop-di-Loop Pillow is hand silk screened onto organic cotton/hemp blend canvas; $98.

ribbon by Pikku

Above: Pikku's original designs are printed onto Cotton ribbon imported from Italy by Angela Liguori, and then wrapped on wooden paddles, which are custom made in Vermont; $13 for two yards.

mums pillow by Pikku

Above: Pikku's Mums Pillow comes in peat, lemon, or poppi; $98 for cover only, $136 including down filled cushion.

tulip pillow by Pikku

Above: Like all Valerie's eco-friendly fabrics, Pikku's Tulip Pillow is printed with water-based inks.

joy board by Pikku

Above: Valerie also designs small products in wood. Here her loop-di-loop design adorns a Birch Jot Board; $38. Also available in lemon and carrot.

happy days calendar by Pikku in loopi

Above: Available in pod green, grey loopi (above), orange daisy, or blue grove, Valerie's Happy Days Calendars can be reused year to year;

papers by Pikku

Above: At a recent trunk show, Pikku's wrapping Papers appeared alongside cards and ribbons by Angela Liguori; $8 for two sheets. Photo via designskool.

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