ISSUE 79  |  Made in America

The Saw Horse Simplified

July 03, 2013 6:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

I first met RISD grad Julian Paul in Portland, OR, a couple of years ago, when he sold his furniture at our Remodelista Local Market in Portland. When he later relocated to the Bay Area and was looking for work, I put him in touch with a few architects and thought nothing of it until I got word that he had made some pieces for Berkeley-based Envelope a+d (members of the Remodelista Architect and Designer Directory), where he now works as fabricator and expeditor.

A RISD-Norcal event proved the impetus for the creation of a limited short-run production of locally made saw horses with color dipped legs. For more information, see below or to order go to Envelope a+d.

Above: The CMY Saw Horses were designed and fabricated at Envelope a+d, in Berkeley; $400 a pair.

Above The saw horses are made out of hickory and come in cyan, magenta, and yellow leg dip.

Above: According to Paul, the design “pays homage to classic work-shop saw horses, but simplify and minimize joinery to emphasize the graphic quality of the iconic saw horse shape.” They will provide a store-bought top for an additional $50.

See our post on Delfina Pizzeria in San Francisco, designed by Envelope a+d.