ISSUE 48  |  Anglophilia

Soulful Interiors from a UK Design Company

December 04, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Craig Bamford founded SASA Works in 2009 after spending two decades practicing carpentry and metalwork; along with his partner, Louise Isik Sayarer, he now directs a small team of collaborators, working on projects as an architect, maker, and construction manager. Based in Camberwell, London, Bamford describes SASA as a “workshop-based architecture practice connecting the knowledge and practices of making with each stage of design.” See more at SASA.

Above: The firm’s Finsbury Work/Home is an “ongoing project, bringing a warm, modern take on traditional Victorian features to make a work/home environment.”

Above: The Spanish Sofa was inspired by an old Spanish sofa and is made with reclaimed douglas fir, pitch pine, oak, and larch; available by special order (it’s been featured in World of Interiors, the UK bible of interior design).

Above: The Foca Sofa is “a versatile piece for the middle of the room or the side of the room, with cushions; for one person, two, or many”; according to the makers.

Above: The Tana Table is made from reclaimed pitch pine and has an oak drawer.

Above: The Flock Series 1 Lamp is a wall-hung, individually made sculpture light made of steel and brass.

Above: The SASA Screen is made from oak and birds eye maple veneered plywood.

See more from SASA at A Stable for Artists: The Cold Press Gallery in Norfolk.