ISSUE 20  |  The Northern Light

Salvaged Canadian Chic: Love the Design Shop

May 16, 2012 8:30 AM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Photographer and graphic designer Christine Flynn applied her designer’s eye to home decor and furnishings when she opened Love the Design in the Leslieville area of Toronto. A quick glance around the shop (the motto is "where design is art") demonstrates a keen talent for mixing and matching with a dash of the unexpected.

Photography via Love the Design, unless otherwise noted.

Above: Flynn's finds are a combination of upcycled vintage and modern industrial.

Above: Flynn often applies a layer of graphics to her vintage finds.

Above: Flynn is an award winning photographer and sells her distinctive resin-coated glossy photographs in the shop.

Above: Handmade mica rich vases sit on an an old wooden door, which has been turned into a table.

Above: Flynn has upcycled the chair with a signature graphic photographic collage.

Above: The collage on the entrance wall of the shop displays Flynn's predilection for mixing letters and bold graphics (the wallpaper is comprised of book pages; it took Flynn 30 hours to assemble and paste the pages into place).

Above: Vintage galvanized metal planters add to the collage on the entrance wall.

Above: A vintage drafting stool with a few vestigial graphics. Photograph by Rebecca Wood.

Above: The grass carpet was rolled out at a recent celebration of Love the Design's first birthday.