ISSUE 85  |  Travels with an Editor: Barcelona

Old Techniques, New Materials: Rocking Chairs from Macedorama

August 15, 2013 3:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Three young architects from Spanish firm Leon 11 with an interest in sustainability, the handmade, and native construction techniques take lessons from a Colombian artisan named Rogelio. The trio learned to weld twisted hoops into chair frames and the ins and outs of strapping, the traditional technique of creating seats with hand-woven fabric strips.

Photography courtesy of Mecedorama via Platforma Arquitectura

Above: The rocking chair reinvented with bright colors and plastic strapping repurposed from colorful plastic packing materials.

Above: The architects select their lacquer colors for the metal frames from standardized RAL charts.

Above: A detail of the plastic strapping around the metal frame.

Above: A white frame holds a web of red strapping.

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