ISSUE 17  |  North Country

Bao Bei Brasserie in Vancouver

May 02, 2014 1:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Tannis Ling, a former bartender (and daughter of an architect), took a risk when she opened Bao Bei in Vancouver’s Chinatown neighborhood in 2010; the area was considered dodgy and a risky dining destination. Four years later, Bao Bei is a smash hit (although some complain about the “hipster” clientele) and has been written up everywhere. The interiors, orchestrated by local design phenom Craig Straghetta of Ste. Marie Art + Design, merge grandmother chic (dowdy floral printed wallpaper) with industrial cool (Prouve-like lights)–all with an overlay of Chinese kitsch. We’re booking our flights now.

Above: “Bao Bei” means precious in Cantonese; local firm Glasfurd and Walker created the identity and brand design for Bao Bei.

Above: A row of custom lights by Ste. Marie Art + Design.

Above: The lights are influenced by the Prouvé Potence light. (For similar spinoffs, see Five Favorites: Prouvé-inspired Swing Arm Lights.)

Above: A wall paneled in whitewashed reclaimed wood and adorned with a cascade of thrift shop trays.

Above: Bentwood stools line the bar.

Above: A DIY light fixture by Straghetta.

Above: A still-life tableau.

Above: Personal design touches courtesy of Ling.

Above: White-painted cleavers as decor.

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