ISSUE 49  |  Wild West

Required Reading: Simple Home by Mark & Sally Bailey

December 08, 2010 2:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

One of our favorite household sources is Baileys Home & Garden, in Herfordshire, two hours outside of London (see Shoppers Diary: Baileys Cafe in Herfordshire). Mark and Sally Bailey ascribe to a philosophy of "repair, reuse, and rethink" and established their shop to advance their cause. Now ensconced in the restored Whitecross Farm ("it's taken about two years to sympathetically restore and repair the rundown buildings"), the couple sells a collection of goods (both new and vintage) that are simple, honest, and useful.

Anyone interested in their philosophy ("The simple home is calm and uncluttered, with each item carefully chosen") should own a copy of their newish book, Simple Home: Calm Spaces for Comfortable Living, available for $19.77 at Amazon.