ISSUE 4  |  The Rustic Life

Required Reading: A Space of My Own by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

January 23, 2012 9:30 PM

BY Lisa Michaels

According to Virginia Woolf, you need a room of your own to make art. But in her new book, London journalist Caroline Clifton-Mogg shows how to create a sanctuary for work in even the smallest of nooks.

A Space of My Own outlines the elements necessary to pull together a purposeful study or craft area, and showcases a number of design solutions, ranging from whole rooms to desks tucked under stairs. Whether the space will be used for creative work or running a business, Clifton-Mogg writes, "The important thing is that it is known to all as very much your space and feels private; somewhere specifically designed to cater to you and what you are doing."

Above: A table on wheels and an oversized lamp on a pulley offer adjustable lighting for an artist.

Above: In a bright corner under the roof of a former factory, gilded mirrors and a tablecloth soften the industrial structure.

Above: In this Danish home, a long row of built-ins provide drop-down workspaces for the writers in residence.

Above: Architect Paul Mrozinski uses a vintage printing table and swing-arm lights to do drafting at his house in Provence.

Above: A Space of My Own (Ryland Peters & Small) is available from Amazon for $19.77.