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Required Reading: A Guide to Natural Housekeeping by Christina Strutt

May 24, 2011 3:25 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Christina Strutt, the founder of UK shop Cabbages & Roses, has come out with a useful guide to natural housekeeping (full of ideas on how to make your own chemical-free cleaning potions using lemons, baking powder, vinegar, and water). Strutt also dispenses advice on restoring furniture and woodwork, recycling and reusing, and sustainable decorating.

Above: The hardcover edition of the Guide to Natural Housekeeping is £19.99 directly from Cabbage & Roses. A paperback version of the Guide to Natural Housekeeping is $13.57 at Amazon.

Above: A collection of cushions from Cabbage & Roses.

Above: A window shade made with Cabbage & Roses' polka dot linen Scoopy print; £32 per meter.

Above: The Jolly Stripe Tablecloth is £32 at Cabbage & Roses.