ISSUE 40  |  North by Northwest

Required Reading: 3191 Quarterly

October 05, 2012 6:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Portland, Maine; Portland Oregon: 3191 miles apart and the basis of a creative collaboration and celebrated friendship.

Maria Alexandra Vettese (MAV) and Stephanie Congdon Barnes found each other online seven years ago and quickly developed a friendship based on their shared love of art and craft, simple things, and living well. Over the years they have explored their friendship via their blog, 3191 Miles Apart, as well as various online and print projects, including the 3191 Quarterly.

Today, the 2012/13 3191 Quarterly goes on sale (previous issues have sold out, so don't dally); while supplies last, each subscription comes with a 3191Q notebook.

Above: In 3191 Quarterly, MAV and Stephanie take you along through the seasons into their homes and travels.

Above: The 3191 Quarterly includes recipes and projects illustrated with photos.

Above: A sneak peek at the 3191 Quarterly notebook.

Above: Hot off the press and ready to go.