ISSUE 7  |  Great Danes

The Updated Danish Farmhouse, Windows Edition

February 20, 2014 12:00 PM

BY Meredith Swinehart

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Jewelry designer Marie von Lotzbeck and photographer Jakob Kirk took a hands-on approach to the revamping of the 1929 farmhouse in Eastern Denmark, where they live with their daughter and dog. We love the mix they struck of Scandinavian order against raw surfaces, like concrete floors and painted brick walls. Also notable: the couple’s use of interior windows to fill the rooms with light and create the illusion of space. 

Photos by Kira Brandt via Femina except where noted.

Above: The flooring on the main level is concrete with an epoxy finish (though Von Lotzbeck intends to paint it). The concrete may look cold, but it’s kept warm thanks to radiant floor heating. The black stool next to the stove is the Raft design by Norm Architects for Danish manufacturer &tradition

Above: Von Lotzbeck designed the full-height bookcase in the dining room, and Kirk built it using painted MDF. He also made the dining table using recycled wood stained black in a high-gloss finish. The chair and pendant lights are from &tradition.

Above: The living room overlooks the kitchen through a clear glass window. The tall stool is the Raft Barstool Norm for &tradition, and the small stool is an antique. 

Above: On the wall dividing the living room and kitchen, a wood-burning stove stands next to a full-length mirror, another interior window of sorts.

Above: The kitchen has a Siemens cooktop, Vola fixtures, and salvaged wall lights.

Above: In a house with stone walls and concrete floors, acoustic absorption is important. Behind the kitchen table three pieces by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects are hung just for this purpose. The table is lit by three Ikea lamps that Von Lotzbeck patinated. Photo by Karina Tengberg for BoligLiv.

Above: An iron-framed window opens the living room to the front entry. The sofa is from Ilva and sits beneath paintings by Julie von Lotzbeck, Marie’s sister. Photo by Karina Tengberg.

Above: The window was salvaged from an abandoned factory.

Above: Another painting by Von Lotzbeck’s sister hangs in the bedroom. The side table is by Kasper Ronn of Norm Architects and the lamp is Trash Me, a paper pulp design from Victor Vetterlein.

Above: A wooden toy laptop from Munk sits on a desk in the top floor nursery and studio. Photo by Karina Tengberg. Next up: Lotzbeck and Kirk plan to build an all-glass addition, filled with light and plants. Stay tuned.

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