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Remodelista Gift Guide: For the Sports Enthusiast

November 29, 2011 2:32 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

As beautiful as they are useful: a quick roundup of ideas for the sporty members of the family (given the trend for using sports equipment or vintage gym equipment as decor, we wouldn't worry about stowing these pieces away).

N.B.: To make sure we've got everyone on your list covered, we're running a new gift guide every weekday from now until Christmas. You can see all of our gift guides to date at Remodelista Daily: Holiday Gifts.

Above: A favorite training aid for boxers, this leather skipping rope has weighted aluminum handles for easy skipping; Ringsport Ireland, £13.99. In the US, consider Pacillo's Extra Thick Leather Jump Rope for $15.50.

Above: Leather Head Handmade Football made in Glenn Rock, NJ, of American-tanned leather and rawhide lacing; $105 at Kaufmann Mercantile in Los Angeles.

Above: Popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Indian clubs are seeing a comeback as an effective exercise and training tool. Used by professional athletes and martial artists, they increase strength and flexibility in the shoulders, back, forearms, and wrists. We like the vintage ones that can be found on eBay or Etsy; Amazon also offers a variety of new ones with prices ranging from $45 to $100.

Above: For competitive types, TAG Heuer Timing is marking its 150th birthday with a limited-edition, vintage-inspired Tag Heuer Stopwatch; $1,270.