Remodeling 101: How Shaker Peg Rails Saved My Summer Sanity by

Issue 89 · Get Organized · September 13, 2013

Remodeling 101: How Shaker Peg Rails Saved My Summer Sanity

Issue 89 · Get Organized · September 13, 2013

This summer, with the imminent arrival of my teenage sons' out-of-town friends, the thought of all those wet towels, clothes, and bathing suits on the floors prompted me into immediate action. “Provide them with as many hooks as possible,” I thought to myself, “like the Shakers, who hang everything from pegs, including chairs.” My designer brain started to whir away and before I knew it, I had envisioned Shaker pegs rails running around all four walls in every bedroom—bespoke, long lead time (summer would be over!), and without a doubt, too expensive. It was time for compromise.

In my search for lengths of Shaker peg rails that would allow me to maximize the available space on my walls, I discovered I could order them in increments of 6 inches (recommended peg spacing) from Peg and Rail in Highland, Michigan. I proceeded to order 54 feet of Shaker peg rails in varying lengths for every bedroom as well as my back hall. The 10 rails arrived within a week of my order, resulting in clutter-free floors for the rest of the summer. They may not have been custom made by a carpenter, but they're utterly serviceable (and sanity saving). Go to Peg and Rail for more information.


Ilse Crawford High Road House Bedroom Remodelista

Above: A while back, we became obsessed with Ilse Crawford's designs for High Road House in London (see Steal This Look: Ilse Crawford Shaker-Inspired Bedroom).

Twig Hutchinson, summer shed/studio, shaker pegs, nautical window, yellow chair | Remodelista

Above: Another of our favorite inspirational spaces: London stylist Twig Hutchinson wraps a bespoke rail of Shaker pegs around her studio and summerhouse. See House Call: Summerhouse on Lorn Road to see the rest of Hutchinson's studio. Photo via Light Locations.

Shaker Pegs Slate Blue Remodelista

Above: Shaker pegs in the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Kentucky; photo via Designtripper.


White Shaker Peg rails with shelf, framed artwork, MHL Smock shirt | Remodelista

Above: As a result of the 8-foot length of rail that I installed in the master bedroom, my husband and I became neater as well. While sweaty tennis clothes and damp bathing suits hang from the teens' pegs, I displayed my favorite pieces of clothing, like this artist's smock from MHL. See Artist Style: 7 Studio-Inspired Smocks for some of our other favorites. Photograph by Christine Chang Hanway.

White Shaker Peg Rail with shelf in hallway, straw hats and towels, framed artwork | Remodelista

Above: I purchased my Shaker peg rails from Peg and Rail, who offer a shelf and various finish options. We went for the shelf option, which allows us to display art without having to commit to hanging it.  Photograph by Christine Chang Hanway.

The shelves on our rails freed up the way we think about displaying our artwork. See The New Art Gallery: Paintings in the Kitchen for more ideas. 

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