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Present & Correct: Schooled in Stationery

September 03, 2012 1:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

As stationery enthusiasts, we're big fans of the offerings from Present & Correct's online store, featuring finely edited and personality filled items for the stylish desk top.

The UK company was started by Neal Whittington and Mark Smith, who are two graphic designers (a fact that is immediately apparent from the website). Present & Correct stocks sundry stationery items that are strangely familiar, and yet not. Whittington and Smith travel around Europe and further afield four times a year to refresh and add to their growing collection of "paper and office objects which are inspired by homework, the post office, and school." They "hope to spark a distant memory, make you smile, or look at the most mundane in a new, and fonder, light."

Above: Everything about this German Krups Clock, from the color to the graphics, brings back the 1970s with a vengeance; £95.

Above: A Japanese hand-crafted Wood Divider Tray is useful for keeping desks tidy; £25.

Above: Colorful Vintage Money Bags can be used for various niggling organizational needs: Sort your stamps, dry-cleaner stubs, and receipts; £7.50 for five bags.

Above: The German Bike Light Chart is reminiscent of the days when diagrams were simpler; £95.

Above: Present & Correct's Strips of Clips shows the principals' eyes for small details; £15.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on January 25, 2012.