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Pinch Design: Almost Bespoke Armoires

October 09, 2012 7:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

We recently caught up with Pinch Design (founded by husband and wife design team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon) at London Design Week; here's what they're up to.

In a move to help homeowners bannish clutter, Pinch Design has created four armoire interiors designed to fit various living needs; kitchen, library, linen, or wardrobe. Not enough options? Those in search of a mini bar or home office need not despair; the duo can also do bespoke versions on request. See more at Pinch Design.

Above: Oona Bannon and Russell Pinch of Pinch Design.

Above: The Frey armoire coupled with the linen interior option; double from £4,920, single from £3,180.

Above: The Armoire linen interior is fully equipped with drawers.

Above: The Lowry armoire features a series of solid wood fins of varying widths and depths, creating a sculptural front section. The fins also act as door handles; double from £4,625.

Above: The Marlow armoire takes classic fielded paneling as its starting point and plays with tradition. Here it 's used as a kitchen armoire (the interior is fitted with the Kitchen option); double from £5,595, skinny from £3,550.

Above: The Armoire Kitchen interior features shelves, drawers, and an integrated bottle rack.

Above: The Armoire Wardrobe interior includes a hanging rod for clothes.

Above: The Armoire Library interior has shelves and drawers.

N.B. See Pinch Design in London to see more of the collection.