ISSUE 46  |  Harvest

Paradise in Puglia: Pensione to the Stars

November 16, 2012 4:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

There’s been a bit of attention focused on Borgo Egnazia, a sprawling hotel on Puglia’s Adriatic coast, lately. Why, you ask?

It’s where Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel pulled off their paparazzi-free wedding celebration recently, so naturally we rushed to the hotel’s website to check it out. Located on 40 acres, the resort resembles a small Italian village, with a cluster of individual villas grouped around a 63-room hotel. Go to Borgo Egnazia for more information.

Above: A shaded dining area with cafe style seating.

Above: Sheaves of wheat are suspended from the ceiling, creating a warm glow in a dining area.

Above: Dried herbs and peppers serve as decor.

Above: The resort has two full-time painters who keep the interiors and exteriors sparkling white.

Above: Vintage brushes decorate a stairway.

Above: A canopied bed, with a vintage key as decor.

Above: Bedrooms are outfitted completely in white.

Above: A serene all-white bedroom.

Above: A row of glass bottles add a touch of green to a lounge area.

Above: A lounging area with rosemary bushes and orange trees.