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Palettes & Paints: Arne Jacobsen’s Copenhagen Blues

February 19, 2014 2:00 PM

BY Meredith Swinehart

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Arne Jacobsen had a hand in every inch of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, completed in 1960, from the architecture to the bed linens. Originally owned by the Scandinavian Airlines System, the hotel has changed hands over the years and been remodeled (in 2009 it became the Radisson Blu Royal), but one suite, 606, has been left exactly as Arne intended it. And it’s even available for the night.

We love Jacobsen’s fearless use of myriad blues in the room. Here, we matched each shade with a paint color, so you can easily introduce a little Copenhagen blue at home.

Swatch photographs by Meredith Swinehart. 

Above: Pratt & Lambert Duckling is our pick for the blue-green that Jacobsen selected for his upholstered furniture. Image via Radisson Blu

Above: Farrow & Ball’s Cook’s Blue matches the window valence and curtains in Suite 606. (N.B. This is an infinitely usable color and recommended if you’re looking for a good medium blue. And if you’d like your own Arne Jacobsen sofa and Swan and Egg chairs, they’re still in production and available from Fritz Hansen.) Image via File No. 7

Above: Jacobsen offset his blues with wenge wood paneling and linen curtains. Farrow & Ball’s London Stone captures the linen. Image via Classe Touriste.

Above: Farrow & Ball’s Green Blue is a close approximation of the bedroom walls. (The Farrow & Ball color is also a favorite of architect James Dixon, who recommended it for our 10 Paint Picks: Jade and Celadon Green.) Image via Classe Touriste

Above: Match the bedspread with Vivid Blue from Pratt & Lambert. Image via Classe Touriste

Above: Supreme Blue from Pratt & Lambert is a good approximation of the bright blue of the laminated nightstand. Image via Classe Touriste

Above: In an all-white hallway, Jacobsen introduced a surprise hit of bold blue; a close match is Sherwin-Williams’ Freshwater. Image via Radisson Blu. To stay in the room, go to Radisson Blu.

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