Palette & Paints: Visualizing Color with Sherwin-Williams by

Issue 73 · Color Therapy · May 21, 2013

Palette & Paints: Visualizing Color with Sherwin-Williams

Issue 73 · Color Therapy · May 21, 2013

Sherwin-Williams Remodelista Series 1

Color reigns when it comes to quick fixes for your home: changing a room’s hue has a profound effect on its light, flow, and energy. But before you commit to a color scheme, how do you get a sense of what shade to choose before buying the paint and rolling up your sleeves?

Cue the Color Visualizer from Sherwin-Williams. Upload a photo of your interior or exterior space and "try on" any of the 1,500 plus Sherwin-Williams colors. It's the kind of time-saving solution we like (if you don't count the hours we spent perusing all the shades on offer). Whether you love black and white or dashes of red, the options for transformation are endless.

Here are various looks we created for three interiors using the Color Visualizer.

Janet Hall Office Wall Colors from Sherwin Williams, Remodelista

Above: In Janet's home workspace in San Francisco, the palette is a uniform white; simple and clean. To add a layer of warmth, we tested Garret Gray (middle), a member of the warm neutral family. We saved each by registering and adding them to our favorite scenes and colors file. The bright Scanda (right) adds cool contrast. The color palette now graduates from natural wood, to white, to vibrant blue.

  Sherwin-Williams Balmy Blue and Heartthrob Red Remodelista

 Above: To bring the eye upward (a trick often employed in smaller spaces), we virtually colored a section of Wendy's walls in Balmy (left), a blue that mirrors the sky. We later tried Heartthrob (right) on the far walls for a cheerful and festive tone.

Sherwin Williams Hallway White

Above: If you're in the mood to merely explore color but are lacking your own home images to upload, the Color Visualizer provides you with ample interior or exterior scenes, including this simple sitting area.

Sherwin-Williams Hallways Aleutian Blue Remodelista  

Above: Proof found in the power of paint. Aleutian, a steely blue, adds cool contrast to the wall.

  Sherwin-Williams Whites and Greens Remodelista

Above: Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of the tool is discovering colors you never before considered. And as evidenced here, no two whites or greens (or any color) are created equal.

Sherwin-Williams and Remodelista 1

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