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Palette & Paints: Portola Paints Wrought Iron Finish

October 13, 2010 3:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

Los Angeles-based Portola Paints is a small paint manufacturer that focuses on creating eco-friendly finishes while adhering to traditional techniques (for instance, mixing and matching every color by hand). The company's Wrought Iron Paint is a water-based paint mixed with iron filings to create the look and feel of authentic, aged wrought iron on any paintable surface, including wood, plastic, masonry, or metal. Portola's Wrought Iron Finish is $40 per quart; go to Portola Paints for more information and to order.

N.B. To create a rusted, weathered look, consider Portola's Rust Solution (apply a single coat after two coats of Wrought Iron Finish); $14 for an 8-ounce size. 

Above: A new gate looks old with the application of Portola's Wrought Iron Paint.