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Palette & Paints: Paint Spatters and Test Patches as Decor

January 13, 2011 11:25 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Noticed recently: furniture straight from the artist's atelier, floors with paint smudges, test swatches of color left on walls as decor.

Above: Seurat Painter's Studio Table from France; $735 at Modern 50.

Above L: A paint-spattered chair by London-based designer Rolf Sachs, spotted in Bryan Ferry's Chelsea apartment in the WSJ Magazine. Above R: Paint-smudged stools surround a farm table, via Marie Claire Maison.

Above: A paint-daubed floor in Paris, via Marie Claire Maison.

Above: At SoHo House in New York, UK designer Ilse Crawford "spontaneously decided to leave test patches of colors ranging from peacock to teal to petrol blue-green. 'You need to combine the planned and the unplanned,' she says." Photo by Martyn Thompson.

Above L: Studio Days Easel, made of wood and iron from France ("covered with drips of paint-spatters"); $2,100 at Anthropologie. Above R: An armchair from the Ginger and Fred duo by Rolf Sachs.  

Above: A streetscape in Florence, via 2 or 3 Things.

Above: A room by stylist Sibella Court, via Emma's Design Blogg.