Palette & Paints: Emery et Cie by

Issue 16 · Beautiful & Unusual · December 18, 2007

Palette & Paints: Emery et Cie

Issue 16 · Beautiful & Unusual · December 18, 2007

Eccentric Belgian architect and designer Agnes Emery handprints all of her of 18th-century-inspired wallpaper and fabric in her Brussels townhouse. She also presides over three shops—in Brussels, Paris, Antwerp—and produces a dizzying array of housewares: lyrical iron furniture, cement and ceramic tiles, her own paint range, fabrics, tableware, and rugs. Just about anything you'd need to create a hallucinogenic interior environment. View her amazing range at

Below: Naughty Birds Wallpaper; about $16/meter; plus $100/imprint:


Below: Nickel silver mirror frame:


Below: Wrought-iron Ecailles banquette:


Below: embroidered sheet sets:



Below: Emery & Cie also sells paints in gradated shades of murky greens, ochres, and yellows:


exemples-03_04.jpg exemples-01_03.jpg exemples-04_04.jpg

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