ISSUE 73  |  Color Therapy

Palette & Paints: 10 Minty Green Rooms

May 24, 2013 8:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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We’ve been noticing the power of minty green lately: from pale and washed out to ultra bright, here are 10 minty green rooms to inspire your next painting project.

Above: Green painted floors at Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen.

Above: A stripe of mint green tile in the shower of a Victorian house in East London from A Botanically Inclined Interior in London.

Above: A mint green kitchen island and storage cupboards in a converted 200-year-old barn in Fahndorf, Austria from Architect Visit: Propeller Z Architektur in Austria.

Above: Kitchen cupboards are painted in a pale mint green at Riad Charai in Morocco.

Above: An almost fluorescent mint green door opens into the bath in Lorna Lloyd and Bryan Dyke’s home from Read All About It.

Above: A washed-out version of green countertops from Guard Tillman Pollock in Ireland.

Above: A living room designed by Chris Dyson from Architect Visit: Chris Dyson in Spitalfields.

Above: A green dining room in a small castle, via KML Design.

Above: Two velvet chairs at Häringe Slott from An Enchanted Castle in Sweden.

Above: The main living quarters at Häringe Slott from An Enchanted Castle in Sweden.

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