ISSUE 29  |  Summer Breeze

Outdoors: Scandinavian Modern Lantern Roundup

July 19, 2010 8:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

A round up of Scandinavian-inspired modern lanterns that work as beautifully indoors as they do outdoors. See our earlier post, 10 Easy Pieces: Outdoor Hurricane Lanterns, for more rustic options.

Above: Design House Stockholm's Lotus Hurricane Lantern of matte aluminum and polished glass accommodates taper or block candles, stands 17.5 inches tall, and is available in black, silver, and white; $55 at Velocity Art and Design.

Above: The Stelton Lamp, created in 1990 by Copenhagen-born designer Erik Magnussen for Stelton, is available at Fitzsu Society; the 13.3-inch Stelton Ship's Lamp is $503, and the 17-inch Stelton Ship's Lamp is $692.

Above: Danish designer Christian Bjørn's Lighthouse Hurricane Lamps are made of porcelain and stainless steel; the lamps work with tealights. The smaller Lighthouse Menu 53060 Hurricane Lamp is approximately 3 inches high and is $35.90 at Amazon. The medium Lighthouse Hurricane Lamp is approximately 4 inches high and is $44.95 at Amazon. The larger Lighthouse 120 Hurricane Lamp is approximately 6 inches high and is $55 at Amazon.

Above L: The Tabula Nova Storm Lantern by Mario Taepper for Carl Mertens of Germany is a strikingly simple combination of stainless steel, glass, and tea candle; $82 for the 7.7-inch-high medium size at Unica Home. Above R: The German-made Lumbra Lantern from Blomus; $165.50 at Lumens.

Above: Designer Christian Bjørn created these elegant Lighthouse Oil Lamps; prices start at $88.95 for the 9-inch-high Lighthouse Oil Lamp; the lamps are also available in 14-, 21-, or 26.5-inch sizes.