ISSUE 26  |  Latin American Style

Outdoors: Reed Roof Shading

July 02, 2010 8:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

In the Mediterranean, reed awnings are a common fixture, allowing light to filter through but providing plenty of shade. Made from fresh water reed (a renewable resource that grows abundantly along river banks) woven together with vinyl-coated wire, Reed Fencing from Backyard X-Scapes is available at many garden supply stores as well as Home Depot.

Above: The Long Island summer cottage of Harriet McDonald Maxwell and Andrew Corrie, proprietors of Canvas (see today's Shopper's Diary: Canvas Home Store Online), features an outdoor shade pavilion made with a simple bamboo frame.

Above: Photography by Adriano Bacchella.

Above: Backyard X-Scapes Reed Fencing, 6 feet high by 16 feet long; $23.97 per roll from Home Depot.