Hardware: Irontree Works in Minnesota by

Issue 8 · Black & White Accents · February 25, 2009

Hardware: Irontree Works in Minnesota

Issue 8 · Black & White Accents · February 25, 2009

Sometimes even an industrial-strength doormat isn't enough. In our search for outdoor accessories, we discovered Irontree Works in East Bethel, Minnesota, a blacksmithing enterprise run by the history-minded Daniel Kretchmar. We love Irontree's mission: "We strive to forge useful and beautiful works in iron. Using original medieval, Colonial, Revolutionary War, and Civil War pieces as references, we recreate items that could have been found in the homes and campsites of Europe and America. Most important, we are proud to keep the craft of blacksmithing alive, not only by increasing its visibility and availability in a new millennium but also by training new smiths in this historic art." 


Above: The simple, hand-forged Boot Scraper is available in four finishes: flat black enamel, flat glossy enamel, linseed/beeswax, or rust (no finish at all). $25 at Irontree Works.


iron-walhooks.jpg   horseshoehook.jpg  

Above L: Beam Hooks; $5 each. Above R: Horseshoe Nail Hooks; $1 each.


Above: Wall Mount Plant Hangers ($10 or $15, depending on size).


Above: The Fireplace Set is $95 (also available individually). The shovel ($40) and poker ($35) are made with forged iron handles and thick brass. The hearth broom ($30) is a natural bristle from a living history museum in Iowa.

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