ISSUE 12  |  Color Coded

Once in a Pink Moon

March 23, 2012 10:30 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

New from up-and-coming product designer Ana Kras: the Moon Table; available with glass tops in various colors (including our favorite, pink).

Kras is an up-and-coming designer from Serbia; the Moon Table is her second commission for Singapore-based company Foundry (the first was the Hug Chair). She collaborated with Antipod Studio in Belgrade on the table, which has a wooden base and a colored glass top. "The idea was to make a table with a nice volume of wood and, as a contrast, a colored top," Kras says. "In our minds, we had this image of a wooden pebble cut in half."

Above: An overhead view of the tables in grey, pink, and white.

Above: The Moon Tables are available in three sizes and in either ash ($580 to $770) or walnut ($628 to $845). Contact Foundry directly for information on availability and ordering.

Above: The tables in walnut.

Above: A close-up of a table with an ash base.