My dearly departed mother was an oilcloth fanatic, but in her usual way she sought out the most rarified, high-end French oilclothes in glossy white, palest aqua (what Martha Stewart would call "Acuna"), and a fabulous silver number that covered our kitchen table in the eighties. As always, she was ahead of her time.

So when I set out in search of oilcloth to cover our outdoor dining table, I was dismayed by the dismal offerings available locally. Then Janet, my DesignDNA genetic code sharer, forwarded me a link to Lisa Stickley, yet another charming and idiosyncratic London shop (74 Landor Road, SW9 9PH; 0207 737 8067). These heavyweight, handprinted, plasticoated tablecloths are available for 72 pounds; go to to order:

mgtcpl_bigrose_zoom.jpg mgtcpl_red_flower_zoom.jpg

Cath Kidston, the ever-popular UK purveyor of vintage prints, sells oilcloth by the yard ($34 per); go to

http://bubbles.jpg http://stripes.jpg http://flowers.jpg

A. H. Mercantile operates a site called offering solid-colored and classic gingham-check tablecloths for $14 or $30 (depending on size; they also sell the fabric by the yard); we love the pale blue and the white oilcloth on offer. Mendels Far Out Fabrics, an SF oilcloth mecca (1556 Haight Street; 415-621-1287), carries these lines as well as my mother's metallic silver, by the yard (


4431_500.jpg 4401pk_500.jpg

Classic Marimekko oilcloths $48 per yard at

kiitosmarimekko_1935_7296601.jpeg kiitosmarimekko_1935_7246715.jpg


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