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Office: Wooden Desk Accessories at Merchant No. 4

October 30, 2009 5:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

Simple, functional wooden desk accessories to help eliminate desktop clutter, from one of our favorite online sources, Merchant No. 4.

Above: Architects take note: the Place For Trace Paper and Pen Tray ($76) was designed by New York City–based O’Brian Muehleisen Architecture Studio as a simple desktop trace-paper holder. Place for Trace is available in four finishes: walnut, cherry, oak, or maple. Non-architects are encouraged to “use it as a handy catch-all for your desk; it works great for holding keys, spare change, and pens.”

Above: The hand-crafted Wooden Business Card Case by Masakage Tanno (and his Japan-based studio MIYABI) is made from Japanese oak (light), paduk (red), or walnut (dark), each case has a magnet embedded in the wood for easy closure. The hinges and detailing are of Kurogaki wood (Japanese persimmon); $82.

Above: Wrap Wrap is an innovative wire management tool that brings an element of simplicity and craft to the task of taming electrical cords. Carved from walnut or oak, Wrap Wrap keeps your iPod or mouse cables under control. Designed by Naoto Yoshida for of Japan. 2 inches long; $17 at Merchant No. 4.

Above: Perfect as a pencil holder: the Large Kami Cup is hand-crafted by Hidetoshi Takahashi in Japan and made from castor aralia wood; $40 for a set of two at Merchant No. 4.