Architect Visit: MESH Architectures in Brooklyn

August 29, 2010 10:00 PM


Eric Liftin is the founder of MESH Architectures in Brooklyn, a hybrid architectural practice that works in both the physical and virtual realms (the firm also designs websites). The majority of Mesh's domestic projects are renovations, and the practice makes a point of integrating the use of new materials into old structures without erasing the character and construction. "We work with a wide range of materials, and we are often inspired by the materials themselves," Liftin says. "Architecural ideas come out of a material's capabilities." Below are a few of MESH's favorite materials; see the firm's work at MESH Architectures.

Above: A selection of MESH Architectures' favorite materials.

Above: Butternut wood from Vermont Wildwoods, "a beautiful wood with a lot of character that is reasonably priced," according to Liftin.

Above: "Fireslate is a synthetic material made in Massachusetts with a pleasing cement-like appearance."

Above: "Flex-Strut is a system of steel channels and bolted fittings that you can fashion into wall dividers."

Above: "Cast-iron pipe fittings offer endless ideas for invention."

Above: "Panelite glasscloth is a fiberglass-dense thin resin panel system; we use it to create luminous walls."

Above: "We like natural linseed Forbo linoleum from Sweden, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns."

Above: "Ipe is a super-dense wood that is beautiful and versatile and can be used in wet locations."

Above: "Sandstone from Vermont Structural Slate is a neutral yet strong flooring material."