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Designer Visit: Jan Eleni Children’s Rooms

September 11, 2011 4:37 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

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New York-based designer Jan Eleni, a member of the Remodelista Architect/Designer Directory, has made a name for herself as a creator of whimsical, light-hearted children’s rooms as well as custom artwork collages (see Walls, Windows & Floors: Children’s Artwork Collages by Jan Eleni). A self-taught designer, she works with parents to unearth the personalties of her mini-clients in order to create spaces that reflect their individuality. “I became obsessed with children’s spaces in the US because I felt there were all these cookie-cutter rooms lacking any nourishment for an imagination,” Eleni says. “I started a business based around just that—creating spaces and really listening to what can nurture children in an everyday way.” To see more of her work, go to Jan Eleni.

Above: In the facelift of this bedroom, the focus was to create a haven out of the bed. Eleni does this by creating a separate area with mosquito netting and the layering of unique and colorful textiles. She believes that ‘everything should be special, especially in a small space.” The carpets are by Madeline Weinrib and the Golden Birds wall decal is by Ineke Hans.

Above: This guest bedroom makes an overnight stay memorable especially when there is a canvas wall mural to paint on.

Above: A mural of green branches adds a verdant note to an urban bedroom.

Above: John Robshaw bedding pulls the colors of the toys and artwork of the small room together without overpowering it.

Above: Eleni’s sophisticated solution to her client’s obsession with Batman includes a large photo mural and creative use of textiles.

Above: A pinboard filled with artwork and momentos marks the entry to a boy’s room.

Above: A built-in bed offers a haven for a young boy (plus additional storage underneath); a recessed lighted niche displays small toys and favorite objects.