ISSUE 4  |  The Rustic Life

Office Clips Do Double Duty

January 25, 2012 10:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

We subscribe to the theory that you can never have too many desk accessories, especially when it comes to large clips, useful for a myriad of tasks.

In my house, large clips regularly migrate out of the office and into the kitchen, where they are used for hanging tea towels, sealing bags of coffee, drying out herbs from the garden, and corralling shopping lists. While the humble bulldog clip is a favorite standby, here's a roundup of our recent finds.

Above: The Ephemera Clip in antiqued iron, designed by Sibella Court for Anthropologie; $8 each.

Above: Nickel-plated Poster Clips come in a box of 12; $10 from Hammerpress.

Above: The Japanese Aluminium Pinch comes in a pack of 24 from Labour and Wait in the UK. Similar Metal Clips are also available in the US from Kiosk; $10 for a set of 10.