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Office: Accessories

February 14, 2008 11:18 AM

BY Janet Hall

From Julie and Janet:

We share an appreciation for stylish desk accessories, so when we noticed that Design Within Reach has come out with a line of office staples with packaging designed by Wallpaper founder Tyler Brûlé for Japanese company Craft Design Technology, we were intrigued. Below, clockwise from top left: file box ($30), glue stick ($7), HB graphite pencils ($40 a dozen), disposable fountain pen ($15), and mechanical drafting pencil ($50). Go to DWR | Tools for Living | Desktop:

We also love this German-made Muro notepaper roll holder by Blomus, $28 for a small desk model (5.25 inches long) at DWR | Notepaper Holder or $42 at for a larger desk or wallmount model (10 inches long):