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Object Lessons: The Perfect Office Wastebasket

January 08, 2015 6:00 PM

BY Megan Wilson

The desk wastebasket, aka the circular file, is the more refined cousin of the lowly garbage can. Slim, petite, and hardworking, the receptacle has the potential to bring elegance to the office and deserves serious consideration. Here are some of our favorites. 

Five to Buy

Above: The classroom Steel Waste Basket, $45, comes in three colors at Schoolhouse Electric.

Above: From a line of handmade wire baskets used by fishermen in Sweden for decades, the Korbo Bin 18 of stainless steel is $135 at DWR.

Above: A Japanese classic, the Saito Wood Wastebasket is available in three kinds of wood and is $150 at the Dwell Store.


Above: The Oscar Tin Can is $9.99 at the Container Store.

Above: The Norm Wire Bin comes in powder-coated steel or plated steel in eight colors, including white (shown), brass, chrome, and copper; $69.95 from Horne.

Object Lessons columnist Megan Wilson is the owner of Ancient Industries and the curator of the Remodelista 100, a collection of essential everyday objects presented in the Remodelista book. Watch for her column on Thursdays, and have a look at her past lessons on iconic designs, including the Indispensable Stapler and the Classic IBM Wall Clock.