ISSUE 40  |  North by Northwest

North by Northwest: Broder in Portland

October 04, 2012 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Swedish cuisine in Portland, OR? Longing for lingonberries? Natives know there's one place to go: Broder, a restaurant that started with a Scandinavian brunch when it opened in 2007 and added a dinner menu not long after.

For information, go to Broder.

Above: The interior features a Scandinavian-influenced palette (lots of blues and yellows, the colors of the Swedish flag).

Above: Broder specializes in brunch.

Above: Shelves displaying classic Swedish Dala horses. Image via More Ways to Waste Time.

Above: Yellow Stools and Thonet dining chairs.

Above: The lights fixtures resemble sparkly tree branches.

Above: Mirrors add light to the sliver of a space (a favorite Scandinavian design trick).

Above: Broder's exterior.