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Rehab Diaries: An Unexpected Insulation Solution

May 01, 2013 1:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

During our recent remodel, we discovered that our house was completely devoid of insulation. After hours of research we found the perfect solution: newspapers–or, more precisely, the equivalent of 48 years of Sunday newspapers.

We had searched high and low for green products to use during our remodel, and discovered that one of the most efficient products is an insulation made from recycled newspapers. The insulation, called Green Fiber, is blown using a powerful machine with a mulcher on one end and a long spray hose on the other–think high-velocity paper shredder combined with a fire hose. Yes, it is a messy and dusty affair, but I can attest it’s worth the hassle. For more information, go to Green Fiber.

Above: Newspapers provide the bulk of the filler for the cellulose insulation.

Above L: When we tore down the kitchen wall, we noticed there was no insulation. Above R: The kitchen wall with the cellulose insulation added.

Above: After knocking down several walls and exposing studs (which allowed for new wiring and plumbing), we were able to easily add the insulation before the walls were rebuilt with sheetrock shown here.

Above: Our newly insulated kitchen wall. 

Want to learn more about Green Fiber Cellulose Insulation? Check out this video.

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