New HeartOak Floors from Dinesen by

Issue 50 · Saint Lucia · December 12, 2012

New HeartOak Floors from Dinesen

Issue 50 · Saint Lucia · December 12, 2012

New from Denmark-based Dinesen: ultra-wide HeartOak flooring, made from centuries-old oak and featuring natural cracks locked with butterfly joints of oak.

According to Thomas Dinesen (a descendant of the family that started the company in 1898), "Old oak trees tell a special story. The hard winters, dry summers, storm and wind they have lived through leave traces, some of which can be seen in the annual rings and the size of the knots, while others appear only when the tree is sawn-up. During the cutting and drying process, the wood has to release the inner tensions from a long life in the woods, leaving characteristic cracks in the tree. Actually, one can read the entire history of a tree from its middle."

For more information, go to Dinesen Floors. To see more projects featuring Dinesen floors, go to World's Most Beautiful Floors.

Above: The wide boards add a rustic note to this sleek white kitchen in Scandinavia.

Above: A detail of the butterfly joints of oak.

Above: The planks come in widths up to 0.5 meters and lengths up to 6 meters.

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