Kitchen: Henrybuilt Workspace Component System by

Issue 71 · The Modern Kitchen · June 22, 2009

Kitchen: Henrybuilt Workspace Component System

Issue 71 · The Modern Kitchen · June 22, 2009

Seattle-based Henrybuilt, maker of our favorite kitchen systems, has introduced an array of functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen workspace components, including a cutting board, colander, and knife holder. Made of high-density plastic or wood, the pieces are designed to integrate with the backsplash system and countertop area around the sink. Henrybuilt tells us that additional components will be introduced later in 2009. For more information, contact Henrybuilt or visit their Seattle or New York showrooms.

Henrybuilt Kitchen Components

Henrybuilt Kitchen Components attached to Backsplash

Above: The workspace components attach to the backsplash via small buttons; designed with ease of installation in mind, the system’s modular backsplash panels hang via a cleat bracket system.

Henrybuilt Kitchen Components in Wood

Above: Kitchen workspace components in wood.

Henrybuilt Kitchen Components: Cutting Board

Above: Cutting board over the sink.

Henrybuilt Kitchen Components: Colander

Above: The sink colander is made of high-density plastic.

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