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10 Easy Pieces: New Artisan Flatware Designs

March 09, 2016 2:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

A new guard of artisan flatware designers are emerging from Belgium, Holland, Japan, New York, South Carolina, and Thailand. Not just for utility, these carefully cast, soldered, and forged flatware sets are like jewelry for the table.


Above: Masanori Oji’s Knife and Fork Set for Futagami in brass and silver is $195 for the pair at Douglas & Bec.


Above: Ann Ladson forges, raises, solders, and casts by hand her cutlery in bronze and sterling silver. A Bronze Forged Dinner Fork, shown, is $120; a Bronze Forged Teaspoon is $140; a Bronze Forged Marrow Spoon is $120; and a Bronze Forged Soup Spoon is $180.


Above: Metal artist Yumi Nakamura designs her nickel and silver cutlery at her studio in Nara City, Japan. Her Flat Fork ($33.58), Kashi-kiri ($26.51), and Spoon M ($30.05) are available at Analogue Life.


Above: Currently in production through Valerie Objects, the Brass, Copper, and Steel Cutlery by Studio Wieki Somers has handles filled with molten metal. Contact Valerie Objects for more information on arrival and shipping.


Above: Founded by two siblings from Bangkok, Thailand, Thikun Hand Crafted Thai Metals makes a burnished stainless steel Dinner Fork, Dinner Spoon, and Dinner Knife, each currently on sale for $11.20 at Totokaelo.


Above: Maarten Baas’s Stainless Steel Cutlery features an irregular serrated knife and hand-formed details. It’s available through Valerie Objects. For more on the owner of Valerie Tran, see our post Living with Art: Galerist Veerle Wenes at Home in Antwerp.


Above: Yuichi Takemata’s Ryo Fork L ($30.93), Ryo Knife ($42.42), Ryo Spoon S ($24.74) are available at Analogue Life. The stainless steel flatware is pressed and finished individually.


Above: The most luxurious flatware on our list is from John Corcoran. A Sterling Silver Flatware Set, hand forged in the artist’s studio in upstate New York, is $2,850 and available from March in San Francisco.


Above: Made out of a studio in Setouchi City, Okayama, a line of Brass Flatware by Lue is available directly through the studio online.


Above: Mixed metal Flatware made in Okinawa by Mitsuhiro Konishi is made with hammered aged steel and brass handles; $46 for a fork and $58 for a dinner knife at Nalata Nalata.


Above: Cutlery by Muller Van Severen was designed as part of the Cutlery Projects at Valerie Objects. It’s a mix of polyethylene, brass, and steel.


Above: The Field Forged Flatware is hand hammered from solid silver by designer Farrah Sit.

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