ISSUE 5  |  Inspired by Iberia

Modern Menu Minder

February 02, 2012 9:30 PM

BY Amara Holstein

Danish graphic designer Mette Bonavent of Oh So Fine created this stylish and straightforward weekly planner to answer the endless question,"What's for dinner?"

Bonavent's work evokes the subtle hues and simple minimalism of her native Scandinavia, infused with the chunky fonts and retro-cool illustrations of her own style. We especially like this planner, a functional piece of art intended to bring a little order to everyday household chaos. With a chalk marker, write down everything from daily meals to soccer games to theater dates—then simply erase and start over anew every week.

Above: Printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks, the Food Planner Poster comes with a chalk marker; €60 from Oh So Fine.

Above: The poster is available in two color palettes, which are inspired by Bonavent's love of the outdoors. "I choose colors that work well with elements from nature: wool, wood, stones, and fresh flowers," she says.