ISSUE 9  |  High/Low Design

Mini-Blackboards for the Garden

March 02, 2012 6:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

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I'm a megalomaniacal gardener with a lot of pent-up demand by the time winter finally ends. I plant too many kinds of tomatoes and carrots and lettuces and tomatoes and radishes. And tomatoes. Botanical markers are the only thing standing between me and chaos in the vegetable garden. I was happy to find a variety of options at different prices.

Above: Simple blackboard plant markers won't steal the show from the lettuces. Image via The Redheaded Hostess.

Above: A pair of Chalkboard Garden Labels on tin stakes ($24 at Terrain) are an investment; they should last for years. To re-use, simply erase the name of whatever the rabbits ate last night.

Above: A set of ten wooden Blackboard Garden Labels comes with a chinagraph pencil ($14 at Terrain).

Above: The wax won't wash away in the rain. Image via Onari.

Above: Or make your own, using leftover wooden stakes, black stain from that half-empty can that's on a shelf in the garage, and a paint pen. Step-by-step DIY instructions are available from The Redheaded Hostess.