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Raise a Glass: A New Whiskey Tumbler for St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2014 1:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

While the Scots may disagree, many believe that the origins of whiskey can be traced to Ireland. In fact, legend has it that Saint Patrick used the amber liquid–whose name comes from the Gaelic uisge beatha, meaning “water of life”–to teach bible lessons on the importance of overflowing cups of generosity. If Saint Patrick were here today, he’d most certainly be happy to get the lesson across using Makers & Brothers’ new whiskey tumblers, developed in collaboration with Jerpoint Glass of Kilkenny, Ireland. Produced using traditional mouth-blowing techniques, the new glass tumbler, while slighter to the eye than a classic whiskey tumbler, remains pleasingly weighted in the hand. Cocktails, and a lesson in humanity, anyone?

Above: Distilled by monks in the 12th century, whiskey was originally used for medicinal purposes. Photograph by Al Higgins

Above: The new tumbler was originally designed by Maker’s & Brothers as a limited edition of 100 for Irish whiskey distillery Jameson Select Reserve. The Whiskey Tumblers are now available directly from Maker’s & Brothers for €34 each.

Above: Would Saint Patrick have enjoyed his whiskey on the rocks? Photograph by Al Higgins. To learn more about Maker’s & Brothers, have a look at our post about  their workshop in a shed on their family property in Dublin, and see some of their other designs here. Also don’t miss their family recipe for Elderflower Cordial.

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