ISSUE 42  |  West Marin and Beyond

Macrame Chairs from Pacific Wonderland

October 15, 2012 6:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Currently coveting: plywood lounge chairs with macramé rope seating, from Pacific Wonder Land, a husband/wife design team in Los Angeles.

Steve Nasker and Charlotte Stone make up Pacific Wonder Land Inc., a creative lab specializing in midcentury-inspired designs. Steve was inspired by a vintage metal lawn chair that Charlotte rehabbed with macramé seating: "I decided to base our Macramé Palapa Lounge Chair on the chair, using a plywood base I designed," Steve says. To see more of the couple's work, go to Pacific Wonder Land.

N.B. The chairs can be purchased directly from Kneeland Mercado in Los Angeles.

Above: Steve cuts the parts from domestic birch plywood, which he glues together, sands, and coats with three coats of finishing paste. Next he drills the holes for the the threaded inserts and bolts the parts together. When the frame is complete, Charlotte weaves the seat using vibrantly colored macramé cording.

Above: The Macramé Palap Lounge Chair is $800 from Mercado Kneeland Co. in Los Angeles; the chair comes in several colorways.

Above: The Macrame Palapa Lounge Chair in brown, white, and black; $800 from Kneeland Mercado.

Above: The chair's dimensions are generous.